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**** Field Update for 3/18/18 **********

fields have been checked and all fields will be playable for Sunday, we did make some schedule modifications to allow extra time for the fields to dry we ask that you please double check all schedules and remember they are not final until 6PM.


Free Tournament Winners, the following teams have won free tournaments Playing Hardcore Baseball 1 day tournaments, please keep in mind tournament are non transferable (meaning only winning team and age group of that team can redeem tournament) and are only good for 1 day Classic events (not valid for Spring Championship 1 day or any other special events) tournaments must be used before May 1st 2018 - if not used no credit will be given & only 2 free tournament winners per tournament.

Free Tournament Births

Team Name                          age                      Date won

1. EV Eagles                         9U                      2/18/2018

2. So Cal Bombers             10U                     2/18/2018

3. Ca Aztecs                        11U                     2/18/2018

4.  Chino Hills Black Dogs   9U                     3/4/2018

5. HD Majors                       13U                     2/18/2018

6. The West                         14U                     2/18/2018

7. CH Generals                     9U                     2/25/2018

8. OSA Baseball                  12U                    2/25/2018

9. Bathawks BBC                13U                    2/25/2018

10. TBL Baseball                 10U                    3/4/2018





Teams that have won a half price tournament

Team Name                        age                       Date won

1.  LM Coyotees                 9U                    2/25/2018

2.  Sandlot Baseball         10U                    2/18/2018

3.  BlackHawks                 11U                    2/18/2018

4.  Hitmen baseball          12U                    2/18/2018

5.  Fontana Senators       13U                    2/18/2018

6.  LM Pirates                   14U                    2/18/2018

7.  Crush Baseball           12U                    2/25/2018

8.  Pico Hitmen                  9U                    3/4/2018

9.  Pomona Titans           10U                    3/4/2018






Coming Soon

WORLD SERIES BASEBALL ASSOCIATION is proud to announce our new World Series for 2018 will be held in SANTA CRUZ, California this is a great location for families to come and play baseball and do some vacationing as well, you have the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz, the world famous Boardwalk on the beach, Fishermans wharf, and dont forget about the California Redwoods as well (a must if you have never seen) field Permits are still pending and once received we will post field locations there will be a new web site detailing all the information, Pricing, housing, fields , list of teams and all the neat things to do in Santa Cruz. Stay tuned!!!



It was recently brought to our attention that Hardcore Baseball was Sold or under new management? so i wish to clarify this as not true and unfounded we have addressed the situation and hope that is the last we will hear of this, as previously stated we are here to provide well run economical tournaments and so long as you our Loyal participants continue to support Hardcore Baseball then we hope to be around another 20years. thank you for your support.


the race is on to see who will earn the top ranking for our "SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES" 


schedules will post friday night, i ask that when you review your schedule you send a confirmation email to if you do not confirm your schedule by saturday at Noon (5PM) you will be removed and dropped as i can only assume you will not be playing. do not take this lightly and please don't be the example, we will not make any additional changes after 5pm saturday. thank you for your understanding in this matter. 


For all future and current inquires regarding baseball and business matters, please address to Richard Kreimann ( or (626)665-5626 ) or Teddy Rodriguez ( (626)494-7038 or (626)862-1651 ). We ask that you please be patient with us during this transitional period and contrary to rumors Hardcore Baseball is NOT going anywhere and will continue to provide both economical and professional tournaments as always. 

Thank you, Hardcore Baseball

Fields Wanted

Hardcore Baseball is interested in renting your fields or running fundraising events with your league, if you team has fields or your league has fields that are under utilized contact Rich Kreimann @ 626)862-1651 or email at i am confident we can work out a beneficial financial package that will benefit your Travel club, your League or yourself, just let us know what you would like and will see if we can make it happen?

    Home of the Lake Tahoe World Series

    Hardcore Baseball is home to the Lake Tahoe World Series which originated back in 2012. Starting in 2018, we will be hosting at a new fun exciting location. Stay tuned for details.

    Why play Hardcore?

    We at Hardcore Baseball pride ourselves on providing high quality baseball tournaments at a super low affordable cost. Every team can expect to get their moneys worth and then some with the amazing prize packages we offer to first and second place teams. We don't leave any team left out by providing them participation ranking points plus reward dollars. We always give 100% effort because any thing less just isn't Hardcore! 

    Upcoming Tournaments

    NEW NEW NEW 1 Day Classics


    • SPRING Chamipionship Series

    2 Games Guaranteed



    Event Format:

    All teams will play 2 games guaranteed. Teams will play 2 pool play games with the Top 2 Record Teams advancing to play in a Championship Game. Teams must supply baseballs for each game. All teams must submit tournament roster form (fully completed with parents signatures) before their first game. All rosters are final once submitted and no changes can be made. HARDCORE BASEBALL IS THE ORIGINATOR OF THE 1 DAY TOURNAMENT, COME PLAY IN THE MOST STRUCTURED 1 DAY CLASSIC AROUND, ( Spring 1 DAYS WILL BE PLAYED IN CHAMPIONSHIP FORMAT MEANING IF YOU WIN YOU GET A FREE ENTRY INTO THE Next Weekend and of coarse the final WEEKEND WHICH WILL BE A CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND WHEN WE CAN CROWN OUR NEW SPRING CHAMPION THIS CHAMPION WILL EARN A FREE WORLD SERIES BIRTH) and our World Series is truly a Hardcore Baseball World Series Event Run by Hardcore Baseball. look for our MAY Spring TOURNAMENTS which will have special awards every weekend (Winners only pullover team warmups, team Uniform Dri-Fits, and Championship rings) again we know what we do so dont get caught up playing meaning less 1 day tourneys play where you get your points, awards, and world series birth (awesome New Vacation Location with great fields)



    • 14u-18u: 1st & 2nd Place Teams Get Team Trophy
    • 9u-13u: 1st & 2nd Place teams get Team Trophy and the winning team get a free entry into a 1 day classic tournament and the 2nd place team gets a 1/2 price entry to come back.


    9u - 12u = $180

    13U = $200

    14u - 18u = $250

    SPRING Championship Series Prices:

    9u - 12u = $250

    13u - 18u =$300




    Washington Park, Pomona

    Glen A. Wilson HS, Hacienda Hts

    Overflow Locations:

    Diamond Bar Fields

    Covina Fields

    Rowland Park

    Shadow Oak, Park

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